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Private Debt and the ‘Greening’ of the British Energy Economy

The green energy revolution is coming but how will it be financed? As the UK enters its steepest recession since the 1970s, it is tempting to ignore some of the macro trends that were already gaining momentum before the Covid-19 virus arrived on British shores. One of these was the financing of the country’s clean

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Recent Market Volatility and COVID-19

The global pandemic (COVID-19) continues to dominate both our lives and financial markets during 2020. In this challenging environment, we are constantly monitoring the outbreak, policy actions and the economic effects on the wider economy, individual commercial sectors and our investments. This is clearly a very serious situation and, in many ways, exceptional but it

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A Manifesto for Renewable Energy from Waste

Prime Alternative Finance is a specialist direct lending fund that lends to small and medium sized businesses and energy infrastructure projects with an emphasis on the agricultural, food and farming economy. Click here to read our ‘Manifesto for Renewable Energy from Waste from Farm, Food and Agri-business’.

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2020 – New Year, New Decade, New Opportunities

The UK General Election was held in December 2019 and voters overwhelmingly gave Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, an 80 plus-seat parliamentary majority, one of the largest in Europe and the largest since 1983. The UK Conservative Party has won more elections than any other political party in the western world and has often touted its

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