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Prestige via its specialist dedicated UK based Finance Companies is a private debt provider that enables investors to access the vast opportunity in the renewable energy sector. We also add alpha through a consultative approach, working closely with each carefully selected agricultural partner we back, to ensure their project will be a success. This has enabled us to deliver positive returns to our investors for more than a decade and makes Prestige one of the true pioneers in green investing.

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Investing in biomethane projects

Prestige is one of the leading providers of finance to the UK’s AD sector, helping to bring clean energy to more than 120,000 British homes.

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Why lending to anaerobic digestion plants makes sense for the climate

At Prestige our expertise has allowed us to play an active, hands-on role in making sure that plants will be efficient, well-managed, money making enterprises that can continue to deliver clean energy to rural communities for years to come.

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Recent Market Volatility and COVID-19

Clearly, none of us can predict the future and the Coronavirus (Covid-19) is a fast-changing situation. While it is...

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A Manifesto for Renewable Energy from Waste

Prime Alternative Finance is a specialist direct lending fund that lends to small and medium sized businesses and energy...

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