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Key takeaways from Net Zero Week for institutional investors

Net Zero Week is the UK’s National Awareness Week dedicated to raising awareness and driving action towards achieving a net-zero carbon economy. But what are the key lessons institutional investors can learn from next week’s discussions? Importance of Climate Change Net Zero Week highlights the urgency and significance of addressing climate change. Climate change is

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The Importance of World Environment Day for Investors

Introduction World Environment Day, celebrated annually on June 5th, serves as a global platform to raise awareness and encourage action towards environmental protection. While traditionally associated with individuals and communities, it is crucial to recognise that investors also play a significant role in shaping the future of our planet. Risk mitigation Environmental issues, such as

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Earth Day 2023: time for investors to consider sustainable infrastructure

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22nd to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote sustainable practices. It was first celebrated in 1970 and has since become a global movement involving over 190 countries. For investors, Earth Day is an important reminder of the growing importance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG)

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Earth Hour Biodiversity Impact Pledge

Earth Hour: what it means and how investors can help Earth Hour was launched in 2007 as a symbolic event to show collective support for the planet. This year the plan is to make Earth Hour even bigger and better. This 25 March landmarks and homes will switch off their lights and spend 60 minutes

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