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What lessons should investors be learning from World Soil Day?

World Soil Day (5th December 2023) serves as a poignant reminder of the critical role soil plays in sustaining life on Earth.  Its significance goes beyond agriculture, transcending into realms like economics, environment and even investments.  For investors this day imparts several crucial lessons that can shape their strategies and outlook towards sustainable investing. Understanding

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Energy Efficiency Day: A Critical Focus for Institutional Investors

Energy Efficiency Day, celebrated annually on 5th October, is a significant occasion for institutional investors worldwide.  It serves as a reminder of the pivotal role that energy efficiency plays in achieving sustainability goals, reducing costs and enhancing long-term returns on investment.  In this article we will explore why Energy Efficiency Day is important for institutional

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Key takeaways from Net Zero Week for institutional investors

Net Zero Week is the UK’s National Awareness Week dedicated to raising awareness and driving action towards achieving a net-zero carbon economy. But what are the key lessons institutional investors can learn from next week’s discussions? Importance of Climate Change Net Zero Week highlights the urgency and significance of addressing climate change. Climate change is

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The Importance of World Environment Day for Investors

Introduction World Environment Day, celebrated annually on June 5th, serves as a global platform to raise awareness and encourage action towards environmental protection. While traditionally associated with individuals and communities, it is crucial to recognise that investors also play a significant role in shaping the future of our planet. Risk mitigation Environmental issues, such as

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