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World Environment Day: Every little helps as we seek to restore our ecosystems

Saturday 5th June marks World Environment Day. First launched in 1972 by the United Nations, its focus is on how human beings interact with the environment. Hosted by Pakistan this year, World Environment Day has a different theme each year. This year the theme is Ecosystem Restoration. The emphasis is on working to restore some

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UK Government Carbon Budget: Why it still needs a waste management strategy

The UK government has issued its sixth Carbon Budget which has outlined what is in effect the most ambitious climate change target yet set by a world government. Its objective is to reduce emissions by 78% compared with 1990 levels. The budget limits the volume of greenhouse gases emitted over a 5 year period from

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ESG Investing Alert: Why Methane is ‘Carbon Dioxide on Steroids’

Investors spend a lot of time on carbon dioxide emissions, but they are potentially ignoring a second and, also significant contributor to global warming – methane. While carbon is the leader in the planet warming stakes, methane packs a heavier punch. Methane is responsible for 23% of the rise in temperatures since industrialisation began. Methane

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Prestige Funds launches dedicated Islamic – Impact fund for UK agri and renewables financing

First Islamic – Impact fund from specialist private finance manager Targets smaller companies and renewable energy projects in the UK Backed by a highly experienced commercial finance team in Cambridge, England Prestige Funds, one of the leading specialist private debt investment managers in the UK, has launched the ‘Premium Alziraea Fund’, a Shariah-compliant real assets

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